How it works

Soft enamel vs Hard Enamel Pins

Confused as to what counts as a hard or soft enamel pin, or what to go for in your design? Then we have the answers for you here. 

Soft Enamel pin badges get their name from the manufacturing process, and unlike their hard enamel cousins where the pin is completely flat, they have a recessed or ‘sunken’ surface.

When creating a soft enamel pin, your pin design is stamped and cut out, and then plated in your chosen finish.  Enamel colours are then placed into the dipped recesses before the setting process, which allows the enamel to sit below the metal lines, giving it that soft and bumpy texture.

Black Heart Creatives Soft Enamel Pin Sideboard Mid Century Modern PinBlack Heart Creatives soft enamel sideboard pin

Soft enamel pins are the most popular pins on the market and are a great and economical way to get into selling your designs. However soft enamel pins are ever so slightly less durable than a hard enamel pin, but have the ability to be more detailed in design. If you want more detail but have more durability, you can opt to have your soft enamel pins, epoxy resin coated, which not only protects your pin and makes it more durable but gives it a really nice finish too.  

Hard Enamel Pins badges are super durable and have a flat polished finished, unlike recessed soft enamel pins.

Your pin design is firstly stamped in metal and your choice of finish, but unlike soft enamel pins the pantone matched enamel is placed in the recesses and each colour is set and polished on its own, and then when each colour has been set it is then polished again, leaving that durable smooth flat surface. Metallics look particularly great in this option! Because of the multiple resetting process, it does mean that super detailed designs are generally better off in a soft enamel option, but if you are unsure we can talk your options over with you.

Edwin Jeans Zen Mash Hard Enamel PinEdwin Jeans Hard Enamel Pin

If you have any questions about hard or soft enamel options please feel free to email us, or give us a shout on social media. 


Our embroidered patches are made up of coloured threads and then stitched together on to a background and attached to a backing of your choice. Either ‘sew on’ which leaves a material back which your customer can then stitch on to the garment, or iron on, which is pretty self-explanatory. But for the uninitiated, a heat activated material is attached which allows your customer to literally apply heat over the patch (we suggest an iron) which affixes it to the bag, jacket, jeans, whatever they like!

Gyalchester Dump Him Press Embroidered Patch by Black Heart Pins Wholesale Custom PatchesGyalchester Embroidered Iron On Patch, By Dump Him Press 

You can also choose to have an overlocked or merrowed edge to your patch. Overlocking stitching is a stitch running from the front to back of material, and in this case your patch, all around the circumference, not only giving it a professional look but stops the patch from fraying and catching.

merrowed over locked edge embroidered patch black heart pins wholesale patches

Merrowed or Overlocked edge option on a patch

If you require a specialist backing such as Velcro, or laser cut out detail, let us know beforehand and we can give you a quote!  


After you have placed your order you need to email Black Heart pins at info@blackheartpins.com with your art work. We accept most forms but preferred are AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG and PDF. If you can, make sure to create your artwork at the actual size, and set your resolution to 300 DPI, the larger and clearer your design is, the easier it is for us to work with!

Please be sure to include the following:

  • Size
  • Colours
  • Finish
  • Fixings

We work with Pantone colours, so we strongly advise that you match your colours with it before emailing. Just to let you know your computer/phone/monitor can change the perception of the colour

We will then get back to you with a mock up of your artwork within 5 working days and move on to producing your pin or patch!

We have run an online jewellery business now for nearly 6 years so Black Heart Pins are happy to work with you, on your artwork as much as you need, don’t be scared to ask any questions we are happy to offer any advice from colour matching to the trials and tribulations of setting up your own selling platform!  

Once the artwork has been agreed upon and sent to production then, no changes can be made to the design and the terms and conditions regarding our mutual contractual obligations will apply.

What else Black Heart Pins Offer

Design and Business Services

With 6 years of running an indie business, Black Heart Pins know it's the little things that count with your customers, so we have used all our business knowhow to source the best things for your business. Check out our backing card options, cellophane bags and special locking pin backs

Need help with anything? Black Heart Pins are happy to offer any advice from colour matching your artwork, to the trials and tribulations of setting up your own selling platform!  Give us a shout here info@blackheartpins.com 

Something we do consider when ordering pins and patches is that when sending things to your customers, is that occasionally things will get lost in the post, and rarely you maybe get small imperfections on your pins or patches, so we do advise that you over order to make sure you have enough stock to cover your orders.

Shipping & Turn Around Times

Once we have received your art work, we will then get back to you within 5 working days and start creating a mock-up of your pin so we can then move on to producing your pin or patch!

Our shipping turn around time is approximately 30 working days from the day your artwork is agreed and sent to production. However this is an advisory and not guarantee as we cannot be responsible for the shipping from our suppliers. If you require a rush job we may be able to accommodate you but please email us prior to ordering, and expedite fee will apply.

We will send your pins and patches via recorded delivery and you will get a confirmation email when they have been shipped.

Customer service

Customer service is paramount to Black Heart Pins, Black Heart Creatives is known for its great service and this is something we will continue to uphold in our new venture.

We will offer a no questions asked refund if you change your mind on your order before artwork has been agreed, however if we have created an artwork mock up then we will have to deduct £20 admin fee for our time and labour. Your refund will then be processed.

If your pins or patches arrive and there is an issue with the colouring or design that differs from the preapproved artwork then we will replace your items as soon as possible. We will require that your items are sent back to us via recorded delivery. However please be aware we are unable to refund or replace on the basis of incorrect colour or design as per the artwork. We strongly advise you colour match with pantone prior to sending us your artwork.

Due to the enamel and embroidering manufacturing process, a very small amount goods may have minor imperfections. If more than 5% of your purchase have significant imperfections then Black Heart Pins will arrange replacements for you free of charge. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your goods in order for us to do so.