About Us


In 2012, Charlotte left her career in Telecoms and started indie business Black Heart Creatives, laser cutting her way into the world of acrylic jewellery overnight. Six years on, Black Heart Creatives’ impressive but affordable statement pieces  have been featured in fashion and style pages including Vogue and NME.

Charlotte’s unique take on running a business is instantly recognisable throughout the Black Heart brand. Her social media accounts give a hilarious insight in to the day to day highs and lows of running a successful business. Charlotte believes that transparency and affordability are the keys to building a customer base and she hasn’t been wrong yet.

A self-confessed pin and patch addict, Charlotte started creating pins for Black Heart Creatives but found the entire process expensive, confusing and long winded. There didn't seem to be a one stop shop to get everything you needed at an affordable rate. It was confusing; What is hard enamel? What is a merrowed edge? Do you need backing cards? Oh god I haven't ordered enough to cover these 5 that have gone missing in New York! (This legit happened with the first ‘move i'm gay’pins)

Building on her research into pin manufacturing as well as six years of small business acumen Charlotte created a business that will help you with everything you need to start your very own pin and patch empire. Based on the same values of transparency and affordability as the Black Heart Creatives brand, Black Heart Pins will support and guide you in creating your own indie business. Whether it’s a side hustle or your new full time job we’ll be there with blogs, workshops and one to one advice on starting your own selling platform, how to market your products, and how easy it is to put your ideas into sellable merchandise. Charlotte did it and so can you!